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The Brethren

written by Sudheer Satyanarayana on 2008-06-15

I was once a voracious reader. I used to read an entire Sideny Sheldon's novel in a day. I remember my dad telling me, "if you read the text books like you read novels you will definitely top the academic charts". Well, I didn't read most of the text books with the excitement I experienced when I read novels in my school days. Let's debate the consequences.

After a few days, no months, wait, years, I motivated myself to read a book. I didn't even remember the last book I had read. Is this even possible?

I scanned my library. There were only a few books I hadn't read in the entire library. I have decided to not read some. The rest of them are yet to be returned by people who borrowed it and said they would return it as soon as they finished reading. No wonder, they haven't finished reading the borrowed books yet.

The Brethren by John Grisham caught my attention. John Grisham is known to write popular legal thrillers. Yes, you will find a wicked lawyer character, Trevor, in the novel. You also find wicked ex judges plotting ingenuous extortions from a prison. I read about a hundred pages a day and the entire novel in four days. Nights rather.

The thrill gets better with CIA manoeuvring the American presidential campaigns. The evil judges and lawyers hook a presidential candidate, Aaron Lake to their extortion scam. As a reader, you will definitely learn a lesson in life. Never reveal your hidden identities to strangers, especially to pen pals. The story is believable. Narration is superb. The plot is well crafted by master story teller, Grisham. You won't put the book down without reading a bulk of it.

Tell me what you think about this novel.