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The Boatman

written by Sudheer Satyanarayana on 2011-05-09

In the sunshine
He starts the engine
He gently guides the boat
Towards the destination

Then comes the storm
Pausing the journey
At night while resting
He gazes at the stars
He thinks about the universe

At dawn, he resumes the journey
Chatting with his buddies on board
They leave when their islands arrive
The boatman rows on and on
He thinks about the journey

His eyes catch a glimpse
Of life everywhere
In the air
In the water
In and on the earth
He thinks about life

He becomes one with the serenity
Of the blue sky
And of the water
He wishes the peace to last for ever
He thinks about the wars

He builds a new boat
Solving a hundred problems
Buddies join him to celebrate
The marvel the boatman created
He thinks about harmony