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State Of Fear

written by Sudheer Satyanarayana on 2011-06-18

State Of Fear is techno thriller novel by Michael Crichton. The book was released in the year 2004. I read it a couple of weeks ago.

The book was gripping and fast paced. Throughout the nightly reading sessions, I kept on turning the pages. Global warming is the central topic of the novel. The character, John Kenner asserts the fact that global warming doesn't exist at all. The protagonist and others travel to places like Antartica and Africa to avert catastrophes conspired by eco-terrorists.

In addition to the story, you will also find

All these rather fancy things, give you a feeling as though you are reading a science text book. Not a bad publication style for a science fiction. Don't you think?

Reviews That Put Down The Author And The Novel

If you do not heed to the scientific facts, The novel maybe entertaining. When you read a science fiction novel or any fiction for that matter, do you assume them as facts? Having said that, I still like some of Crichton's work. Haven't we all enjoyed the book and the movie Jurrassic Park? The Lost World? Anyone recall Rising Sun? How about Twister, The Great Train Robbery, The Andromeda Strain?