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Rising Sun

written by Sudheer Satyanarayana on 2006-05-24

Hai kohai,

Michael Crichton is clearly a versatile author. I was stunned to read Jurassic Park, The Lost World and Congo a long time ago. Movies were made out these novels and they became super duper Hollywood hits. I had read these books before the movies were made. The story of dinosaurs was breathtaking. I could hardly imagine Crichton writing anything but technical thrillers. I was mesmerised to watch the movie, The Great Train Robbery authored by Crichton-san.

I was under the impression that Rising Sun was also a techno-suspense novel. As I started reading the first few pages I realised it was not. The novel is about Japanese economical aggression and how they influence America. The plot is carefully laid out with intricate sequence. The novel gave me fresh insight into racism, business strategies of giant Japanese corporations, the influence of businesses on the governments and its effects on the common man and most importantly the Japanese culture. The novel is as good as the author's other novels. You bet the Japanese would be astounded to read the gaijin's narration. I have decided to read all the remaining Crichton books.