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Da Vinci Code

written by Sudheer Satyanarayana on 2006-12-31

It'd been six months sice I borrowed the book from Avi. I couldn't read more than twenty pages. I felt that it was disgusting novel as I skimmed through the first few pages. I was in no mood to read any books. I forced myself to read this one and I failed miserably.

And then the movie is in the news. Everybody sang praise to Dan Brown's work except for the pontiffs. I felt the frustration of not reading the book. I made my mind and decided to read the book from the start once again. After all, I remembered little but Saunnierre's murder. Christ! My brother had taken the book away and left it at home in Mysore. I felt at loss.

While I visited a book stall with Balu I spotted Tom Clancy's "The Sum of All Fears" and I grabbed it. I decided to read Dan Brown's novel after Tom Clancy's. I read "The Sum of All Fears" and I liked it. When I went home in Mysore, I brought "The Da Vinci Code" back to Bangalore.

The first day, I re-read the first few pages. This time more seriously. The book gripped me. The second day I was reading the book in my usual style - lying. I felt pain in the elbows for holding the book for a long time. I went on and on and on reading the book till midnight. The quest for the grail undoubtedly made me curious beyond expression. When I felt overwhelming sleep I looked at the clock. It was 02:52. It was early morning morning and I feared I'd get late to office the very second day!

The narration is marvelous and the plot ingenuous. Dan Brown has sent hidden messages through the fictional character Robert Langdon with the fictitious profession symbology. This is probably the book that caused me to search the web a lot. It was an interesting way to learn about numerous topics related to Christianity and Peganism. I understood "Friday The Thirteenth" better. The book brought clarity to the words "The Holy Grail".

Dan Brown blends ancient history and modern characters to create a chain of entertaining events. If you want to try alternate history genre, this is a good start. After reading the book, the tourism minded people will eventually make a plan to visit The Louvre. The thought about Da Vinci was constantly rising in my mind for several weeks after reading the book. Learning more about the polymath was enjoyable and might have inspired and affected my thinking permanently.