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Three Idiots - Blog Reaction

The movie 3 Idiots has been quite successful so far. No doubt there's hype surrounding it. Our friend Sandeep has his opinions on the movie. This blog post is largely a reaction to Sandeep's post.

I liked the movie. It is quite funny. I would recommend you to watch it if you haven't already.

Time and again, I've seen people believing in messages movies deliver. If you aren't able to properly judge the message you're at a loss. Just don't believe in what you would like to believe. In my view, the sole responsibility of a movie is to entertain people and not to deliver any messages. The concept of the movie might try to push some idea to the masses. Such messages shouldn't be blindly believed.

If you think, our education system must drastically change, I would like to bring to your notice a lot of other things that needs to be drastically changed. Our political system, work culture, society and so many other things require a drastic change. You name it. Nothing is perfect. Then again, there's no point simply bitching about broken systems.

As far as I know, people who topped the charts didn't just mug up things. They understood the concepts. They knew what they were doing. Here and there you could notice some students getting good grades just by mugging up certain things.

There are of course certain things that needs to be changed in a typical engineering course. For instance, in programming exam, the computer science students are asked to write, compile and run one of the thirty programs they studied the whole semester. What's the point if the programs don't change in the exams?

What's the value of such degrees? Absolutely nothing. When I hire a programmer for my company, I don't really care if the candidate has a degree certificate, unless they come from institutes like IIT. The college shown in the movie is comparable to IITs? I talk to the candidate, ask questions related to the job, give them problems to solve and evaluate their candidacy for the job. The skills and experience of the candidate matters, not just the college degree.

I don't see a huge problem in the college shown in the movie. The students that suffered were those that didn't like what they are doing.

"And all of a sudden, here comes a movie, which completely ridicules our education system and paints a rather incorrect and drastically over exaggerated picture, and the so called educated young crowd, are adoring it and playing along with the theme, as if to ascertain the facts."

It depends how you see it. If you ask me, the movie doesn't ridicule the Indian education system. The movie is about an ideal student who is supposed to be smarter than everyone else including his professors.

Certain facts shown in the movie are true. There are a lot of parents that think engineering is the only safe way for their sons and daughters to pursue a good career. Especially software engineering. Forcing children to study what don't like is nothing new. The extreme concern for son/daughter's career prospects is a problem related to parental psychology. It will not help, if you try to change the education system.

I defend Winston Churchill's statement - "A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do". If you try to pursue a career in what you do best, opportunities are abundant. But there's no guarantee. The argument holds good for engineering too. If you pass out and get an engineering degree, there's no guarantee you will get a lucrative job. Let's leave the edge cases out of equation for now.

Getting suicide ideas from movies isn't new, is it? If you try to blame movies for showing suicides and crimes there can't be any entertainment. The engineering students are supposed be adults and have the ability to judge a movie.

What do you think?


First of all.. I'm glad that my blog even generated a response.... I feel honoured.

I like your view point... I completely stand by you when you say - " In my view, the sole responsibility of a movie is to entertain people and not to deliver any messages."
In fact, it was this very attempt to deliver a message that kind of enraged and prompted me to write this blog in the first place. I feel, it took away some enjoyability from the movie, which would otherwise have been a perfect and completely enjoyable movie.

Again, as you say - "Time and again, I've seen people believing in messages movies deliver.", this is what makes me concerned about the suicide message. I just hope nobody takes it seriously and gets inspirations from it. But then again, as you said, our engineering students are supposed to be adults, and my worries might just be unnecessary, I hope that's true.
But my only question is why? why these suicide scenes at all? It's an other thing if these scenes weren't completely avoidable at all.. I know it's not a big deal, at least I hope so, but a director has lot of things at his disposable, he could've chosen a number of other things to replace these suicides, but still he didn't choose to.. only this made me take it as laziness/carelessness and lack of responsibility on the part of the director, which is the main reason behind me venting out my disagreement in my blog. I feel, it would've made more justice to the movie without these.

And as you rightly pointed out, there are lots of other things which needs to be drastically changed apart from our education system. In fact, these are all inter-connected and suggesting to change only the education system is completely futile and useless. Now that I think about it, this is infact one of the reasons that I wasn't buying the message the movie was trying to deliver. In the back of my mind, I was always feeling that there's something wrong with the message, but couldn't nail it properly. So I think I just settled down for the bigger picture and criticised the attempt to deliver any message at all.. but you've made it pretty clear now, you have indeed got a very nice perspective.

And as for the hiring process you have mentioned, I greatly appreciate it. But I would not like to say the degree is completely useless, but what makes your process valuable is that you look beyond the degree. I totally agree with this. I think just because a person did well during his degree shouldn't encourage us to take his capabilities granted in the present. He needs to be constantly put to test, which keeps him on his toes. Why? not only the degree, I feel we shouldn't judge people completely based on their previous experience also.. because, at least, in our field, people need to keep constantly updating themselves, and studying never ends... and we should make it fun in order to keep up and enjoy it while we do... as Rancho says.. :)

Once again, thanks for the blog reaction.. Thanks for the posting, I liked it a lot.

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As far as I understand, the movie reuses the successful scenes. If you recall suicide, pissing and getting electric shock and similar sequences. A litigation of some sort is going on regarding the suicide scenes shown in the movie. Suicides are in general sensitive issues. If you talk to a mentally weak person about suicide, it might trigger some ideas in that person's head. I'm not a psychology therapist though. Then again it's the duty of the censor board to deal with such issues. They, censor board, must be held responsible for the consequences not the movie makers.

I agree three suicides in a movie is overkill. The delivery of the baby scene was also an overkill. Perhaps, the movie makers sold what people like to watch.

I love d movie of the best movies ive watched.Full of learnings & funny scenes.Highly recommended!!!& u'll thank me personally ahahaahha

im beginning to like seems so funny...yet i dont understand it a little :))
can someone blog me to discuss the personality of the main characters and the villains in the story?
also, discuss the summary of it?


this is amazing movie...very inspiring

The movie was nice,and it is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Of coarse,As a college student, their will be many consequences will happen in order to examine our strength and weaknesses. But making suicide could not help.

the best movie ever that made me cry,laugh,smile and shout out so loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..i love te three idiot...especially rancho

it was one of the best movies i have ever seen... very inspiring..i love you rancho:)

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