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Sudheer As you can make out from the domain name, my name is Sudheer. I run a software business based in Bangalore, India. Tech Chorus is my technology blog. I am a staunch supporter of open source software projects.


I have been writing on random topics ever since I launched this website. At one point in time, I was writing articles about HTML and PHP here. Later I moved that content to Tech Chorus. This website now serves as my personal home page and my online diary. You are encouraged to comment on my posts. I have also created a contact page.

Hobbies And Interests

From time to time, I become a voracious reader. I read fiction and also a lot of technical books to quench my thirst for knowledge. I am interested in a bunch of things like programming, , writing, blogging, chess, movies, philosophy, etc.

I'm On Some Of The Social Networking sites

  • Google+ : mostly technology
  • Twitter: technology and humor
  • Facebook: friends
  • LinkedIn: professional circles
  • On IRC my nickname is Bonaparte. I'm usually available on Freenode.

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