The Legend

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His ironclad fists tore apart the gatekeepers’ face
He galloped swiftly, starting a race
The knights chased, trying to avoid the disgrace
He disappeared in dust advancing his pace

He stopped to rest in the desert
The rhythmic breath in his chest
Brought recollections of the assault
Tears were a thing of past

Bruises in battle didn’t hurt him
His will ambushed the mayhem
He looked to ride tandem
There emerged shadows of totem

Drunk Talk

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The sweet talk of the other world
Transformed the role of the writer
The writer became the character
The melody of the music abound

The aroma of the sweetened pot
Intoxicated the cuisiner
The birds danced to the number
With rhythm, advanced the chariot

The wheel hit a protruding stone
The hen jerked in shock
The cock was surrounded by black
The journey was now bygone

The remnants of the flower remain
Two petals - memories and imagination
Breath rests on the shoulders of salvation
Drunk talk - name for the work of fiction

Not The Real Thing

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Piyush: Dude, I bought a few mp3 songs from the Indian Amazon.
Kidal: Aha.
Piyush: They aren't the original studio versions. They are remixes and recordings of live performances.
Kidal: Just like the name. I was wondering why it wasn't named Flight.

Happy Years


I want to open a bar and name it Happy Years. I have also thought about the slogan. It's not hours, it's years! Come, drink here not just for the few hours some people call happy. Drink every day, week, month and year. Discover true happiness. Happy Years.

If you want to attain mastery, we serve Teacher's. The first lesson we teach is: don't be deceived by the illusions of the mind. Checking in only at 8PM is the root cause for misery.

Happy New Year!

New beginning.

Happy 2012!

Who can read between the lines?

Moving On To Different Pastures

Five years ago, I co-founded Binary Vibes Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. with two other friends. In these five years, many things happened that I never expected. Some of them were good and some not so good. Overall, the journey has been fantastic. Dealing with frequent uncertainties is a thrilling job.

Some of you identify me with Binary Vibes. Your well wishes have definitely contributed to the growth of Binary Vibes.

Biblio Bengaluru

On Sunday, September 18, 2011 we launched Biblio Bengaluru. Biblio Bengaluru is a loosely knit group of bibliophiles in Bengaluru. We meet once in a month, typically at a coffee shop. On the same day, we had our inaugural meeting at Cafe Coffee Day. Follow the event page to view the pictures.

If you are in Bengaluru and read books you should join Biblio Bengaluru. The literary community consists of well read and interesting people. You can also exchange books with our members. Come, participate now.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man


If you are a grammar nazi, the first thing you'd have noticed is the weirdness in title of this blog post. It is hard to spot such capitalization of titles these days. I don't know if there's even a name for the style. I personally do not like writing titles with prepositions in lowercase and everything else capitalized. Somehow, lot of book titles are written in this manner. When the book arrived, I was excited. As soon as I opened the cover, the sight of the title put me off.


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1984 is a novel written by George Orwell. The book falls under the science fiction category. At the mention of science fiction, I can sense your disbelief, you hard science fiction fan. For some of us, sci-fi means robots from fantasy land and amusing imaginary journey in the outer space. Science fiction has many subgenres such as hard science fiction, soft science fiction, time travel and superhuman. 1984 belongs to the subgenre social science fiction.


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